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What can PRK Correct?

Much like LASIK eye surgery, PRK is a safe refractive procedure that utilizes the excimer laser to reshape the cornea and improve nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The amount of tissue reshaped depends on the severity of the prescription. Once the cornea has flattened, light rays are more easily focused upon the retina.

How does PRK Work?

PRK differs from LASIK in that no flap of tissue is created prior to resculpting the cornea with the ALLEGRETTO WAVE excimer laser. In LASIK, this flap creation does enable a faster recovery period. Sometimes PRK is a better option than LASIK for a patient if the cornea is too thin or irregularly shaped where flap creation may be relatively unsafe. The visual outcomes and results between LASIK and PRK are very similar.

Step One of PRK Procedure in Denver, CO

Step 1

Your surgeon will delicately remove the outer cornea cells. This usually takes less than 1 minute.

Step Two of PRK Procedure in Denver, CO

Step 2

The excimer laser treatment is performed which reshapes the cornea. The average excimer laser treatment takes 7 seconds.

lasik step 4

Step 3

Your ophthalmologist will then place a bandage contact lens on the eye for improved comfort along with anti-inflammatory and antibiotic eye drops.

Wavelight® EX500 and FS200 Laser Suite

Cutting Edge Technology

Our facility houses a state-of-the-art, outpatient surgery center with the latest equipment and tools necessary to achieve optimal outcomes. We perform all-laser LASIK with the blade-free Wavelight ex500 and FS200 Laser Suite, which is the cutting edge in laser vision technology because each procedure is customized, fast, safe, and precise. We pride ourselves in having the latest and best LASIK technology and equipment at Denver Eye Surgeons

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PRK Cost in Denver, CO

Denver Eye Surgeons strives to make your eye care and surgical experience as comfortable as possible. That’s why we offer you a lot of choices in the way you pay for eye care and surgery services. Our office staff can work with you to select a payment option that best fits your finances. Please call for a PRK consultation at 303.273.8761 and begin your process to glasses-free vision.

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