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Denver Custom LASIK Options with ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q

Custom LASIK or wavefront technology has been a major breakthrough for the field of vision correction. LASIK patients can now benefit from customized LASIK treatments with the new Optimized LASIK system of the Allegretto Wave®. Wavefront technology actually comes from the Hubble Telescope project. In order to fix the Hubble telescope, they needed a new way to analyze the visual information. The scientists involved in the project developed wavefront technology, a method to examine the visual information one pixel at a time. It was a breakthrough! At Denver Eye Surgeons, we are now using this concept to analyze and treat human vision. Wavefront-optimized LASIK gives everyone a unique treatment giving you the chance for excellent outcomes.


One of the most innovative features of the ALLEGRETTO WAVE is the way it uses wavefront-optimized technology to automatically compensate for the curvature of the cornea. In earlier laser correction systems, the “optical zone,” or area of correction, was centered on the front of the cornea; the result was a flattened circular area that ended with an abrupt edge, causing unwanted side effects like poor night vision, glare, and halos.

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q customizes every treatment based on the patient’s individual prescription and the shape of their cornea, aiming to improve what nature originally designed. The Wavefront Optimized™ treatment considers the unique curvature and biomechanics of the eye to preserve the quality of vision and eliminate or reduce the spherical distortions that can cause glare and may affect night vision. In addition to Wavefront Optimization™, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q is capable of performing custom Wavefront-Guided LASIK procedures.

What are the Differences Between Custom LASIK and Conventional LASIK?

The “conventional” or “standard” LASIK technology that is used on most lasers does not account for a patient’s pre-existing corneal shape and is not designed to adequately treat the peripheral cornea. The result is the creation of spherical distortions or aberrations that cause a decrease in the quality of vision and an increase in glare, particularly at night.

At Denver Eye Surgeons, using the ALLEGRETTO WAVE excimer laser, you will always receive a wavefront-optimized custom LASIK treatment. This technology is aimed at increasing the quality of vision following LASIK and decreasing potential side effects.

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The LASIK doctors at Denver Eye Surgeons are pleased to bring this high level of Custom LASIK eye surgery to Denver. Our LASIK surgeons are highly qualified and skilled surgeons that choose the best technology and care for their patients.

If you would like more information regarding Custom LASIK or you would like to speak with one of our LASIK counselors, we are readily available to speak with you. Our counselors are available to discuss your personal best vision correction options as well as any LASIK Financing that may be required.

Why Choose Denver Eye Surgeons?

Not all LASIK surgeons have the skills to perform LASIK, PRK, ICL, or IOLs. Make sure to consult with one of our well-established eye surgeons who will help determine the best vision correction procedure for you. If you are seeking a Denver PRK eye specialist, we invite you to come to our eye care facility for a complimentary consultation. Our surgeons will determine your laser vision candidacy and answer any of your questions.

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LASIK Cost in Denver, CO

Denver Eye Surgeons strives to make your eye care and surgical experience as comfortable as possible. That’s why we offer you a lot of choices in the way you pay for eye care and surgery services. Our office staff can work with you to select a payment option that best fits your finances. Please call for a LASIK consultation at 303.273.8761 and begin your process to glasses-free vision.

What Our Patients Say

It was a wonderful experience. Everyone from the beginning to end was exceptional! The surgery was quick and painless. During the LASIK surgery, when I was scared, someone sat and held my hand. It was the small things like holding my hand that made the experience so wonderful.
Amanda Nolte
courtney brink
I am very happy with my service and the care I received. Everyone is real friendly and helpful.
Courtney Brink
denny basham
The medical and administrative staff was great. From soup to nuts, everything was very easy. If I had to do PRK again I would definitely choose Denver Eye Surgeons. Love the Allegretto too.
Benny Busham
donna dovey
Helpful Always ‐ Answered all my questions and supportive and encouraging! Really liked trying out contacts first to get idea what end result would be like. Great experience & staff!
Donna Dovey
Dr. Kumar's staff held my hand the whole way. I was petrified. But I researched to find the very skilled Dr. Kumar and the very kind assistants who dealt effectively with my fear. My eye sight is better than perfect, now, with NO GLASSES.
Lori Holden
I had PRK surgery last year. The surgery was uneventful. But the recovery was slow because of the type of surgery. I was nervous that the procedure hadn't"worked" but everyone at Denver Eye Surgeons kept telling it would be fine - and it was!
Rebecca Schnur
The staff was very helpful and informative. Dr. Kumar is very knowledgeable and understanding, easy to talk to and willing to spend as much time as needed answering questions. The procedure itself was a lot easier and quicker than anticipated, and the recovery was easy. Best decision I've made in a long time!
Kathy Humm
Very thorough and comfortable experience! All my questions were answered and I felt comfortable and prepared the day of my LASIK procedure. I love my corrected vision and I healed wonderfully!
Amy Thomas
I had PRK done years ago but had LASIK done on my distance eye. Wonderful! Best thing I ever did.
Janet Grefath

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