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Oculoplastic Surgery From Denver Eye Surgeons

At Denver Eye Surgeons, our mission is to improve our patients’ vision and quality of life using state of the art technology, compassionate care, and exceptional patient service. We are committed to serving our community through our commitment to clinical excellence, patient experience, integrity, and stewardship. In addition to comprehensive eye care, we also offer laser vision correction and medical eye care, including oculoplastic surgery.

What Is Oculoplastic Surgery?

Oculoplastic surgery refers to a collection of surgical procedures involving the eyelids, tear ducts, orbit, and face. Oculoplastic surgery can also involve reconstruction of the eye and its associated structures, such as the eye sockets, eyebrows, cheeks, face, or forehead. This type of surgery may be done to correct a medical problem or condition, or for aesthetic reasons. An oculoplastic surgeon, also sometimes called a oculoplastic ophthalmologist or oculoplastic specialist, is an ophthalmologist who specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the periorbital and facial tissues.   

Oculoplastic Surgery

Types of Oculoplastic Surgery

At Denver Eye Surgeons, we offer comprehensive medical eye care and a variety of oculoplastic procedures and treatments in Denver, CO including:

  • Blepharoplasty
  • Upper blepharoplasty
  • Lower blepharoplasty
  • Ptosis repair
  • Ectropion repair

Conditions We Treat With Oculoplastic Surgery

If you have any of the following conditions, contact us today to set up a consultation. We can do a full evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for oculoplastic surgery, and discuss your options with you. Call us today or schedule an appointment online. 

  • Ptosis
  • Entropion and ectropion
  • Dermatochalasis
  • Lid lesions
  • Small skin cancers
  • Blepharospasm/hemifacial spasms
  • Mild thyroid eye disease
  • Botox

Referrals to Denver Eye Surgeons

For any of the following conditions, we are happy to refer patients to Dr. Jonathan Noguchi at Denver Eye Surgeons. 

  • Tearing/epiphora
  • Pediatric patients
  • Orbital tumors
  • Orbital fractures and other trauma
  • Severe thyroid eye disease
  • Blind painful eye
  • Enucleation/evisceration/anophthalmia
  • Large skin cancers
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Brow surgery

What to Expect

Before your oculoplastic surgery, your ophthalmologist will walk you through the procedure and what to expect. You may be advised to stop taking certain medications, especially ones that thin your blood. You may need to visit your primary care physician for testing to ensure it is safe for you to have the procedure. If you smoke, your surgeon will advise you to stop smoking for at least 2-3 weeks before and after the surgery. You will need to arrange to have someone drive you to and from your surgery appointment.

In most cases, you will be able to go home the same day you undergo oculoplastic surgery. You will be administered general or local anesthesia to ensure you feel no pain or discomfort. During the oculoplastic surgery, your surgeon may place special lenses on your eyes to protect them and shield them. You should be able to recover comfortably at home after your oculoplastic surgery.

You may experience some mild pain, bruising, and swelling, as well as light and wind sensitivity, blurred vision, tearing, and double vision. You should avoid exercise or strenuous physical activity, alcohol, smoking, lifting heavy objects, and taking certain medications. You will need to take care when bathing and keep the area around the incision clean. You should visit your oculoplastic surgeon about a week after the surgery for a follow up visit. You should be able to return to work and your regular daily routine around two weeks post-surgery.

The Need for an Expert Hand of an Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Daniel J. Ozello and Dr. Chet Reistad specialize in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery and have years of experience in performing oculoplastic surgery. Primary areas of practice include thyroid eye disease, orbital inflammation, eyelid malposition, orbital trauma, orbital tumors, lacrimal system disease, pediatric oculoplastics, and cosmetic oculoplastic surgery. To learn more about Dr. Ozello and Dr. Reistad, contact us today or request a consultation online.

Why Choose Us?

When you visit us at Denver Eye Surgeons, you will receive the highest level of patient care and attention. We strive to provide our patients with exceptional care and service and walk them through every step of any procedures we recommend so they can make informed decisions about their care. We are the premier local multi-specialty vision care practice in Denver, CO, and have the most experienced physicians on staff who provide the highest level of care in a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment.

Contact Us Today for More Information

If you’re interested in learning more about how oculoplastic surgery can improve your life, or would like a consultation for our medical eye care services, call us today or schedule an appointment online.

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